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Cancelling private mortgage insurance (pmi) early

Most homeowners think that private mortgage insurance, or PMI, can only be cancelled when the loan reaches 80% of the home’s original value. However, there are many other ways that PMI can be cancelled early without refinancing! That will save you between $50 and $350 per month in PMI premiums. The early removal of PMI is complicated and based not just on the loan balance and the home’s original value, but also on the interplay among numerous factors such as the loan rate, term, and whether any home improvements or prepayments have been made to the house.  The PMI Terminator™ personalized report is based on your specific situation and shows the numerous ways to remove PMI early. It also includes a “Lender PMI Removal Letter” which you send to the insurance company proving that you should not be paying PMI any longer. 


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