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Here are brief descriptions of the various mortgage audits that are available from Loantech. Customized audits are also available. Please contact us for details.

Forensic Mortgage Audit (FMA)

A Forensic Mortgage Audit, or Forensic Loan Audit, is used as leverage by homeowners and attorneys when negotiating with lenders to fight foreclosure or obtain approval for a short sale or loan modification. The FMA is a detailed examination of loan documents and disclosures that identifies violations of federal lending regulations, including TILA, RESPA, Regulation Z and predatory lending. The Forensic Mortgage Audits also uncovers excessive loan fees and illegal APR or finance charge disclosures.

Price: $395.  TO ORDER, CLICK HERE.


Mortgage Securitization Audit (MSA)

A Mortgage Securitization Audit is used by homeowners and attorneys to fight foreclosure or to gain lender approval for a loan modification. The MSA is a detailed analysis of mortgage documents, mortgage securities records and the chain of title. The MSA determines if a mortgage was transferred into a trust or mortgage-backed security and whether a lender actually owns the mortgage and has the legal authority to start the foreclosure process or to approve a loan restructuring or modification.  Loantech’s auditors have performed audits for the FBI and have access to fraud detection tools available only to professional fraud examiners and the law enforcement community.  

Loantech offers two version of mortgage Securitization Audits – the Mortgage Securitization Audit PRO which is a streamlined version often used by homeowners and the Mortgage Securitization Audit PLUS which is typically used by attorneys or other professionals.   

Mortgage Securitization Audit (PRO Version) Price: $695


Mortgage Securitization Audit (PLUS Version) Price: $2,495.



EscrowCheck™ Audit

EscrowCheck™ is an independent audit that uncovers any overcharges in the escrow or impound account. The audit determines if the monthly escrow payment is too high and if excess funds are being held in the reserve or “cushion” account.  

Escrow accounts are required by lenders to pay future recurring expenses such as real estate taxes and insurance. Escrow payments are adjusted by the lender to accommodate future increases in these expenses. However, these adjustments often result in overcharges in the form of higher monthly escrow payments or excess funds being held in the reserve or “cushion” account. These mistakes occur due to inexperienced personnel, incorrect escrow reviews or faulty review procedures. Loantech’s EscrowCheck™ audit has uncovered escrow overcharges of $100 to over $6,000!

Cost: $395.  TO ORDER, CLICK HERE.


ArmCheck™ Mortgage Audit

The ArmCheck™ audit verifies the accuracy of lender calculations for rates, monthly payments and loan balances for adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages. Loantech was the first in the nation to uncover overcharges in mortgage rates and payments and the firm’s homeowner clients have used this audit to obtain refunds ranging from $300 to over $38,000.

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) involve changing index values and complex computer calculations that can result in errors. In fact, the Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Forbes and Newsweek have warned consumers that such mistakes often occur. Overcharges occur if the lender selected the wrong index value, rounded the rate incorrectly or improperly credited extra principal payments made by the borrower.  Homeowners should especially be concerned if the original lender sold the loan or has gone out of business, or if the balance just seems too high. Mistakes also occur on fixed-rate loans if the lender incorrectly credited any extra principal payments. Homeowners with a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loan or who have made extra principal payments or just want a professional second opinion can benefit from an ArmCheck™ audit.     

Price: $395.  TO ORDER, CLICK HERE.


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